Monday, January 21, 2013

Mary at nine


With hugs and smiles, she greeted her friends, arranged them in a circle and led a series of name games...


and a wild round of 'goblin, goblin, fairy."


Next, a fairy treasure hunt of her own making, with silly poems, funny clues and a race all over the house seeking fairy gold.


She laughed at everyone's jokes,


gushed over each gift while offering thanks and wishes-- "you will meet a unicorn this year" "you will grow fairy wings"


happily shared her seat with tiny Elle


and didn't even pout (at least very much) when she had to stand last in line for a fairy wand and take the one necklace without a crystal.

And the twirls and laughter and magic compensate just a bit for my baby growing up.

more on the party later... and Gabe's too. But for today, happy birthday to my sweet, twirly, beautiful girl.


Hot Hot JJ said...

Unreal! The cake is perfect! So perfect! And her smile? Beyond beautiful. Oh my, and that dress! Please tell me where you got it. So excited about Juliet's first birthday in the bunt outfit you gave us! xoxo

Hot Hot JJ said...


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday darling, beautiful, incredible Miss Mary...from your Mary Godmother! I adore you and what a sweet party this must have been.

Tracy said...

Did you make that cake??? OMG. Happy Birthday dear Mary. It looked like a magical day. xoxo

Selwyn said...

Happy birthday Mary! That dress looks custom built for twirling and meeting unicorns!

Cath said...

Oh Michelle, it looks absolutely magical. Would love to see more pics! And darling Mary, what a warm and wonderful hostess! xo