Thursday, June 9, 2011


To me, there is no sweeter temple ordinance than the sealing of children to parents.

Kneeling at an altar, husband and wife clasp hands and the child's small hand is placed upon theirs. The words are short-- forty seconds worth-- but profound, as the temple sealer speaks of blessings, and privileges and protection...

Afterward, the family stands, gazing into the mirrors on opposite sides of the room. Their reflection refracts into multiples stretching infinitely in both directions.


I can imagine nothing more comforting for adoptive parents and children-- always, forever.


Darling Olivia's hand-smocked dress was crafted by her talented Nana, embellished with heirloom lace, gold thread and tiny, delicate beads.



It is, of course, extremely unusual to adopt a six-month-old baby with their two-week old sibling present. The entire temple was buzzing with oohs, aahs and whispered congratulations.




This is joy.



ellen said...

The pictures are wonderful. I was just at a sealing on Saturday with two adorable little kids. It was heavenly.

Linn said...

So gorgeous. Just the thought of it, and the sealings of parents to children I've attended, made me teary. I love the gospel.

kristen said...

what a purely beautiful family! you always seem to catch just the right photo at just the right time.

i just got some devastating news and this post really helped calm my fears. the strength of an eternal family is awesome.

thank you for always just the right post!

Hot Hot JJ said...

Such amazing photos. Such a beautiful family. Such an awesome dress! Love it!

Kerri said...

Oh, Michelle, you know how much I needed such beautiful pictures and such hope to reinforce my faith on a day like today. That opening picture is so incredibly joyful. I'm going to hang on to that joy...remembering that there are eternal families who choose to make eternally joyful choices. XOXO

Mormon Women: Who We Are said...

I absolutely love the open-mouthed grins. Almost brought me to tears.

What a glorious day for this family. You captured it so beautifully.

Selwyn said...

That ordinance is as beautiful and powerful as your photos show.

Thank you, again, for sharing!

Tracy said...

How incredibly beautiful. Oh those baby cheeks.


Lisa said...

Toting little Olivia through the quiet halls of the temple that day...I felt as if I was carrying royalty in my arms. It was quite a day and your photos capture exactly how we all felt at this joyful occasion.

Love you and your amazing ability to capture a beautiful life.

Kristin said...

So beautiful and uplifting. Thanks.

jennie w. said...

Wait a sec, I've seen that chair before! Did you really bring it to the temple? Did people give you funny looks? It is a great idea, though. Why do only newlyweds do beautiful temple pictures?